Staff presence

Staff presence

    Strict internal management can reduce the internal risks of the enterprise. The company head Mao Guobing, who was once a soldiery, is always strict with himself and brings the army¡¯s strict discipline to the company.

    Every summer is the off-season of synthetic leather industry. In each summer since from 2005, Guoxin organizes the employees to have military training. Whether an older Guoxin employee participated in eight years of military training or a new employee, every employee working in Guoxin must first obey the command, abandon the original undisciplined and free nature, and improve his own implementation capacity through military training. 

    The company not only strives to improve the quality of the employees, but also focuses on the training of the employees¡¯ professional skills. Guoxin has reached the cooperation of production, teaching and research with Suzhou University, Southeast University and other institutions of higher learning, and will regularly send employees to attend the training every year. 

    The company is concerned about the development of each employee, has a set of ¡°attractive¡± innovation incentive mechanism, and draws 5% of the profit to reward the employees with technological innovation every year.

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