姓名:William [2019-05-02]
留言内容: Hello, My name is William Jones with Olympic Supply Group. You can find my company web page here: I&aposm searching for material manufacturers who are capable of hling large annual orders on tuxedo shoe material. The material will be used in men’s formal tuxedo shoes. It is made of PVC material Do you think your company can produce this material? If you can fill out the attached the updated PVC RFQ I can up a time to for John to visit your factory next week. I underst that you made need additional details so if you fill out the RFQ I will try to have him bring samples next week for you. You can also email the quote to He will be arriving probably Tuesday or Wednesday next week in Shanghai. Then he will make my way there. He is still coordinating his schedule so he will have to let you know later more details. Can you please add me him on We Chat, introduce yourself send the address in Chinese English if possible? Can you also please your gps location of your factory? The wechat id is – JSForsythAdvisors We look forward to meeting you. I appreciate your help during this process.
姓名:100000 [2019-03-29]
留言内容:Interested in PVC leather. Please send WECHAT. My number is +919821388636
姓名:史立升 [2016-05-10]
姓名:张建群 [2016-04-21]
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